Doug WSB Web Page Sample Nov 2020

About Me

For some, loving sales is more than just a lucky way to make a living. For me, it’s an obsession. So much so, that I wrote a hybrid sales training course several years ago focusing on the core process of relationship building...EPIG™ and sold it to a limited number of pretty impressive companies.

Of course I was in a world of top flight competitors and training companies, but I held my own. One day I was presenting my course to an evaluation committee of a potential customer and was asked a question that I’d never heard before, “So what happens do you ensure the learning momentum keeps going and the skills are reinforced?”. Taken aback, I simply responded that each key learning point is substantiated by a memorable story that people just don’t forget. To make my point, I said, “give me a sales skills topic you’d like me to drive home”. “Identifying true customer needs”, was the immediate response from the boss. “Perfect, let me tell you about the time I actually met the man who sold refrigerators to Eskimos”. It’s a great lesson and no one ever forgets it. The team loved it and it was the perfect way to end the pitch.

As I walked out of the building the boss caught up to me and asked if I had that story written out and would it be possible for him to tell it as his opening on the Monday morning sales conference call. So I polished my talking notes into a story and sent it over to him. At 11am Monday morning he called me enthusiastically looking for more stories….like one every week. I’ll spare you the negotiation details but this Agricultural giant became the first customer for a story series we now call “The Weekly Sales Beast”. They've purchased the entire 160 story-lesson segments twice. Thousands of other salespeople from hundreds of companies have joined them. Today, we offer a sales leadership story program entitled “I Told You So” and a unique way for employees to tell their safety achievement stories visually, through our “Safety Badges of Pride” program.

Here’s a PDF of the story that started it all.