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Looking to Kick-Start Your Company’s Sales Week? Every Week?

Inspire and Educate Your Sales Team Using the Oldest and Most Effective Training Method Ever Created - Great Storytelling.

There is nothing more important than keeping your top revenue generators in “The Zone”... that performance arc where their collective selling skills are firing on all cylinders. As a sales manager, your challenge is keeping the performance edge at its highest - all the time! And that can be an ominous task because even though your team has top level skills, the challenge is to continually bring them to the forefront and reinforce them. I know you’d love to get in front of your sales team at the beginning of the week and inspire them like Vince Lombardi would with a great story and a reminder that they have the ability to win the week. But that’s not always possible. Apart from “motivational and educational” speaking being extremely difficult, your reps are most likely in their territories far from your location. Yet, I know that you know, the power of a five-minute weekly starter. This is where you and I can form a perfect partnership because I am an expert motivational storyteller and you are a great team leader. My job is to start each of your reps off on Monday morning with an awesome five-minute story focused on the vast lessons of the real world...that every business to business sales professional will relate to and remember, and your job will be the other six thousand tasks you have to do to be an effective corporate sales leader.

You’ve Got a Great Sales Force … Let’s Keep Them That Way.

Over the years your company has made significant investments in sales skills training for your people and they are the best of the best in your industry. But skills diminish if they are not constantly reinforced. Look, I’ve done a lot of classroom teaching for sales folks and know how antzy they get about two hours before the end...they just, they need to get back to their’s where they thrive. And once there, performance pressures kick in and they quickly settle back into “what works” for them. And we both know that with a little bit of in-field learning support, those extra incremental edges could easily eek out. But a support Educational System in the territory? Nearly Impossible.

Start Your Sales Team’s Work Week Off on The Perfect Note.

Peak Performance Comes From Nuances.

Imagine your sales professionals beginning their Monday mornings with a 5 minute sales conversation in their mind between them and a sales master who’s chronicled a series of razor-thin edges that he and countless other seasoned pro’s have experienced in the real world of business to business selling. Not business to business order taking ...selling. A great message to start the week, easy to scroll on any device and the right mental stage is set to get going! Many sales managers begin their weeks with a group call and our clients have used their Monday Morning “Beast” as the opening conversational platform to bring focus to the agenda. This 160 story series is perfect for a team of diverse experience sales professionals...from entry level to seasoned pro, each Weekly Sales Beast segment will enlighten, or reinforce, a key learning point familiar in the competitive world of business to business selling. From shipping doors to boardroom doors, front doors to closed doors, hard doors, easy doors, forever doors and surprise doors, I’ve walked through them all. Every one, a lesson. I stopped counting at twenty thousand but everyday I make calls and everyday I learn or relearn something. Most times the lessons are simple and just the smallest of advantage...but incremental advantages add up to edges and edges adds up to compounded performance.

Here’s a Value Proposition You Can Sink Your Teeth Into.

In short, your sales team will get what took me 40 years to accumulate and learn, spread conveniently out over a three year stretch. The “on the surface” value proposition is quite simple actually-the Pricing and Mathematics box explains how you get 160 segments of a professional development program for salespeople for under 2 bucks per person, weekly. Of course, that alone is worth the investment, but there is so much more in the value stack. I’ve brought out some key points to bolster your consideration that go beyond the tangible educational/growth exchange to flush out a fuller value understanding.

160 Uninterrupted Weeks of Sales Education:

You’ve made program announcements and heard the whispers of jaded employees wondering, “...yeah long will this last?. Not Our Program. Say yes to The Weekly Sales Beast and everything from the registration forward will be done by our team for you. Beyond letting us know if you’ve replaced a representative so we can swap out recipients, you’ll have NO administrative burden. Week in and week out demonstrates your company's commitment to the skills growth of your people. We have NEVER missed a Monday morning deadline!

The Weekly Sales Beast Program Totals a Minimum of 13.5 Hours of Sales Skills Education:

That’s a solid two-day skills course; and we all know what those would cost to either send your team to a packaged seminar or have a trainer come in. But the educational value can be rallied up by simply using our weekly lesson to use as an introduction discussion setting for your weekly meetings. Many sales team leaders are setting the interaction stage of their weekly meetings by opening up the latest Beast lesson and applying it to their market realities.

Reasonable Ask:

I get it, your people are crazy busy. And they are highly suspicious of new “time” asks. I’ve seen it a thousand times at a variety of company sales meetings I’ve consulted at; the boss brings up a new program that will only take 30 minutes a week...and everyone in the room knows 30 means 90. The Weekly Sales Beast takes no more than 5 minutes to read unless you buy the Latin version and then it takes 7 minutes to read. Seriously, is it too much to ask your people to pull up to a coffee shop for five minutes and read a story that will help them sell a smidgen better?

The Most Powerful Yet Most Underrated Reason to Embrace The Weekly Sales Beast

Demonstrating your commitment to the professional growth of an employee is a highly ranked job satisfaction indicator. People always say, “It’s the small things”. You know it’s true ...having a boss come by and take 30 seconds to say “Good job on that Thomas Arrow account...” is priceless, and it never happens enough in the work-world these days. Each week your people will open a small, seemingly insignificant handful of education that subliminally says; This company believes in you and this story will hone your market sharpness. Is it a little thing? Yes. And like all the little things, it’s a big thing.

Why The Beast Really Works

The Complex Science of Simplicity

Pricing and Mathematics

First, Think Investment...Not Cost

Hidden Benefit

Only for Sales Managers

Testimonial Letter

The only one you’ll need to read

My Closing Pitch

Hopefully you’ve had an opportunity to read the expansions in the above “Department Boxes”. And the samples especially ...that's the nuts and bolts of the whole program. Solid lessons applicable in virtually any B2B environment.

If you are this far down the page, you’ve nodded your head more than once and you know it’s all about squeezing the last drop from the market. This is a “how to” program.

Like all stories, each reader takes a slightly different personal lesson, and it is because of that natural human trait, that stories become memorable. I’ve done this long enough to know your sales team will love reading these nuggets, you’ll fulfill your commitment to their growth, together we won’t break your bank account and in the end, you and your company will have proactively done something that will give you an edge in the market. And doing it in cool, nostalgic “Old School” way, washes the whole Weekly Sales Beast program experience in an authenticity that is uniquely rare in today's marketplace.

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Segment Sample 1

Sales Loser of The Year

Segment Sample 2

Smart Alex

Segment Sample 3

Lurking in the Shadows

Testimonial Letter

The only one you’ll need to read

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are like me, you hate going to a page that leaves you dangling for information. Our goal is to ensure you have every possible query you may have, sufficiently answered. We believe that if someone is asking you to spend your money, and I am, then there is no such thing as too much information.

Yes, your sales team will improve. ”People who know better better”. And you are going to notice a difference most definitely. But be leery of any claims of % of sales increase.
I want you to say yes too. Firstly, The Weekly Sales Beast is a dead-simple educational program and we don’t want to complex it up with a bunch of work on your end. It is as simple as this...give us a list of your recipients on the order page, hit the process button, and you will receive a managers kit that guides you through a simple internal launch announcing your participation in the program. We give you the email script and other suggestions for a successful field embracement. If you program involves us branding your company to the learning segments ...we easily look after our people will ensure your program implementation is completely painless for you.
No, they are specific to Business to Business sales professionals. That is the world I lived in, those are the people I interacted with in my career. Truthfully though ...these are lessons for almost anyone, but a person who’s grinded a territory will recognize the scenarios perfectly and will instantly know how it relates to their market challenges.
It’s a five-minute email. People read what the boss tells them to read.
I am not. In fact, I have nothing to upsell you to. I wrote my favorite 160 sales education stories and you’ll get every one of them. I don’t have a hidden favorite 60 stories that I’ll spring on you at another time.
Not only “have” I been a salesman…..I’m STILL a salesman. When I began teaching selling skills through customer relationship building years and years ago at the University of Winnipeg, I did so in an evening class after I’d spent the whole day selling...just like you. I love teaching ...but not as much as I love selling. Over the years I’d conducted hundreds of sales seminars for great companies, but the credibility has always come from my ability to say these words truthfully and honestly to the attendees, “Let me tell you about a call I made last week”. I’m a salesman who can teach.
No whammies. Each participant receives 160 weekly stories for $312.00. If you are signing up 10 or more participants, you’ll receive a physical book containing each segment at no charge. We also provide a launch guide and introduction protocol for multiple participant companies at no charge. And we will brand your logo on the segment delivery platform your people will see each week for no charge.
Holy, what are you doing here? Just kidding, of course you are here. I’ll give you the best “academia” highlights I can in the “Why The Beast Really Works” page
Leaders are learners. I can’t guarantee everyone you sign up will read The Beast faithfully, but I guarantee that the ones who do and embrace the learning behind the stories will be your next managers and leadership group.
Every one of them is real and I’ve also heard a mountain that I didn’t put up because it was too specific to that asker. If you have a question not answered in this document, pop me a note and I’ll send you an answer via email. If your question is relevant to everyone, I’ll post it here.
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