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Sales Management Lessons Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen Before

Sales Leadership is Tough! And if you don’t have time to beat around the bush, this 52 installment program is for you.

I Told You So is a five minute read and a 45 minute “think”. Every Monday morning I’ll give you a lesson that could never be taught in a seminar room and say things to you that might even seem harsh, but if you need to drive dollars from a sales team….then you need hard truths about getting that performance, day in and day out.

Why You Need a Weekly Dose of “Reality Management”!

  • Mission Drift: What’s Mission drift? It’s when you move off the compass point a degree or two. You start the fiscal pointing due North… directly at your 360° sales target and laser focused, but your attention is being pulled in a multitude of directions and eventually you'll get knocked dead centre and over time even a few degrees will widen the gap between goal and actual. This program makes certain you never stray from the real job...delivering the numbers.
  • Affirmation: You are a sales leader because you’ve got great instincts, but you may feel a little lonely with them. You are going to realize that achievers in your position across many different industries have the same challenges as you and identical instincts.
  • Your “No Time” Life: Professional development that fits your learning style. Time is your enemy and I won’t waste a second of it. Each segment takes five minutes to read, I promise, then sit in your favorite chair and let it sink in and mull it around...see how the topic fits your team and business. Before you know it, a year has gone by and you’ve spent 50 or so hours thinking about the most important part of your job...getting sales.
  • The Secret Second Layer: Each segment will offer a practical tactic to implement the advice profiled, but let’s face it, sales leadership is about people. I’ve studied human behavior for 40 years and each lesson segment will have an underlayer of motivational influence and how to best build desires to achieve excellence from your front line.
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  • $2,599.00

Segment Sample 1

The Last Dollar of Profit Starts on The First Day of The Fiscal

Segment Sample 2

You Might Need a New BuyCycle

Segment Sample 3

Quarter Horace

Being a Sales Boss is Hard 

Can this program really help you manage revenue generators better. I’ll call you and walk through the educational extraction from one of the lessons.