Doug WSB Web Page Sample Nov 2020

You can Earn while customers Learn.

The amount of money spent on professional education and development, both corporately and personally, beyond what was gained prior to joining the workforce, is astounding and near impossible to calculate. Professional development and skills reinforcement is a monster market. Over the past 8 years, we’ve reached a lot of customers.


And we want to reach more. So we opened a store, right here. And we are looking to build a small team of people who know how to connect market depth to product opportunity, profitably.


We have three key markets that our products bring benefit: 

Small Business Owners looking to sharpen their ability to sell their products, like small roofing company owners, landscape company owners or professional service providers.

  • Millions of small business owners need to learn to sell better

Corporate Sales Team members and Sales Leadership looking to ignite sales thinking and unique tactical actions every week.

  • Hundreds of thousands of sales professionals and their leadership need to stay focused and motivated

Safety Officers who want a visual awareness reinforcement product for existing learned safety skills and behaviours in their workplace.

  • Tens of thousands of Safety Officers are looking to leverage and broadcast safety accomplishment in the workplace




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